Saturday, October 1, 2011

Re: The RequestFactory ValidationTool must be run for the RequestFactory type

I had also assumed the verbose=false line wasn't necessary, but
unfortunately even with that option I still get the same error. My
steps are:

- enable project specific settings (Java Compiler/Annotation
- enable annotation processing
- enable processing in editor
- .apt_generated is already listed as the generated source directory
- add verbose=false processor option
- enable project specific settings (Java Compiler/Annotation
Processing/Factory Path)
- add C:\Program Files\Eclipse\Indigo\plugins
- debug as Web Application

I got quite excited when I read your reply, despite how dumb I would
feel if that was all it took to fix the problem... I just can't quite
work out what I'm doing wrong!

Thanks for your help,

On Sep 23, 5:03 pm, Jonas <> wrote:
> Hi,
> this Wiki entry helped me to solve the problem:
> Do exactly what is shown in the printscreens and it should work.
> If it's not working tell exactly what you did. I almost got crazy and did
> see that they added verbose=false to "Annotation Processing". I thought this
> isn't necessary as they didn't mention it in the text. I was wrong.
> Jonas

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