Saturday, October 29, 2011

Re: GWT + GAE common issues.

Hi patrick, Thanks for your quick answer. 

If I understand you, what I have to do is to build my own logical/persisted model in server side and expose it via ValueProxy in the client side?  ValueProxy lets me to send model via RCP? to use that proxy means to build twice the same model (I mean, "world model")? How can I model owned relationships whit this method?

I have to mension I'm new with GWT and GAE, so I think I have to discover lots of information about them. I'd like you to please gime some reference about GWT+GAE integration, of course, RPC, specially best practices, arquitectures and some examples. (as getting started with RequestFactory you send).

Right now, I had to change my project's model to avoid using key class, and I have time requirements, so, right now it's not posible to recreate my model based on proxy, even, I'm really interested in learn as much as posible about GWT, GAE, RCP and all the framework.

Thanks a lot again by your answers.

PDT: ingnore, please, my spelling mistakes, I had a lot of time without using english, ;)

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