Monday, October 31, 2011

Re: Has anybody setup an owned Collection in RequestFactory? Does know how to set the ParentKey/ChildKey?

I didn't see this thread earlier but you might find this information useful. Looking at some of your code, some observations:

1. For WalletData and WalletItemData, you don't have to manually set up the owning key yourself.  See the following:


   * I'm not really using the tokenizer here, but good for example
  public static class Tokenizer implements PlaceTokenizer<SignInPlace> {

    private RequestFactory requestFactory;

    public Tokenizer(RequestFactory requestFactory) {
      this.requestFactory = requestFactory;

You can't have ctor arguments on a tokenizer, it's created by the framework using GWT.create()

3. Callling r.with()

If you're using an EditorDriver, the driver provides a getPath() method that you give to with().

4. Lastly, even if the AppEngine documentation seems to favor JDO, I've found that JPA is nonetheless easier to use and it's supported on AppEngine too, albeit only 1.0, not >= 2

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