Sunday, October 30, 2011

Save some time installing the GWT Source with this script... (find the prize inside :) )

I made a script to setup the source based on Making GWT Better directions: - find source and info here...

# created by Brandon Donnelson
# Help with the download and setup of GWT source

"starting GWT source download and setup..."

# install svn?
hash svn
2>&- || { echo >&2 "Oops, but you need svn. Install svn.  Aborting setup, Exiting."; exit 1; }

# install ant?
hash ant
2>&- || { echo >&2 "Oops, but you need ant. Install ant.  Aborting setup, Exiting."; exit 1; }

# goto home directory - not needed, but useful to show root location

# remove gwt working directory
#rm -rf ~/gwt

# make a working directory

# go into that ..... 
----->>>>> Find the rest at the link above

Hope it helps,
Brandon Donnelson

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