Monday, October 31, 2011

Re: I can't get RichTextAre OnPaste Event hooking|sinking to work?

I setup the source to look deeper and I'm looking at the source to see how the build it. I'm looking at two approaches to get to the iframe, one try accessing it through JSNI, find the iframe in the DOM..., 2, find how the source is passing events through the iframe and replicate that with onpaste. 3. keep trying... :) My goal is to intercept the onPaste event any way I can in the iframe.

One thing that still puzzles me is, how do they get the cursor to blink in that iframe/(RichTextArea Element). I don't see where they attach any input elements. The textarea element they use looks like a container for transport only. Is there a trick to blink the cursor in innerHTML? I inspect the element and its either not picking up something b/c of focus or I'm missing the boat still.

Either way, I intend to figure out a way to paste word document (text) with no formatting into the RichTextArea and which means I have to figure out how to catch OnPaste Events and access ClipBoardData API(s) in the browser. 

I'll be glad to share the results after I figure it out. Thanks for the reply.

Brandon Donnelson

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