Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Re: Project moved now compile errors

Might be a problem with the jdk version ... 
IIRC, record was added in Java 14 (not sure). It looks like a jdk version > 13 is used to build. 
Not sure if SmartGWT is supporting newer jdk version than version 8.

Next problem might be Eclipse itself. Newer Eclipse version need something greater than Java 8.

Hope that helps. schrieb am Mittwoch, 13. September 2023 um 08:58:57 UTC+2:

We have a so called build server, where we build all our projects. This is just a server where eclipse is running and where we build our projects with ant.

As the server was/is getting old (windows 2008R2), we have set up a new one (windows 2022). We installed eclipse with the same configuration as on the old server. Same Java versions installed too.
We checked out the projects and now 1 of the projects does not compile the web stuff.
The other projects do build normal.

I have attached the compile log. Can anyone explain what is happening and what i am missing to fix this?



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