Saturday, October 29, 2011

Removing entities in OneToMany with RequestFactory & JPA

I would like to know what's the right way to remove a child from a one-to-many relation within GWT using the RequestFactory.

My GWT application with an Entity called Product and that product has a one-to-many relation to an Expert:

public class Product {
OneToMany(mappedBy="product", orphanRemoval=true,
Set<Expert> experts = new HashSet<Expert>();

@Entity(name = "EXPERT")
public class Expert {
Product product;

I have a user-interface where you can change some values of Product, but also a window where experts can be added or removed. Adding a Expert goes well, but how do I remove an expert? And what administration must I do on the client and server side?

I have already an opened productRequest going on.

I would appreciate all the help!

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