Saturday, October 29, 2011

Re: CellTable column and cell style

Okay .. I managed to modify the style of the row cells by simply
calling "setCellStyleNames" with the appropriate CSS-class as well as
calling cellTable.redraw() afterwards.
What I am still unable to do is make it so the column headers actually
receive a style.

I call


where event.getColumn is the column I am changing (hiding or applying
the style to).
When inspecting using Firebug I see no difference (no TH-elements seem
to be modified) and even calling cellTable.redrawHeaders() doesn't fix

After looking into the CellTable-class I can see that it applies the
style using DOM directly. However even when I tried to do that - it
just won't change the headers appearances.

Does anyone know how to fix that? I just want to be able to assign an
additional class to each TH (column) element. Is it maybe a bug -
since it seems to not care what style I'm trying to add using

Thanks in advance!

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