Monday, October 31, 2011

Re: Drag & drop

Strongly second "gwt-dnd". Its excelent, very very flexible and works

I have worked on two rather massive projects which used it for a
(game) inventory system and it really saved a lot of work. We even
have used it to have dragging and dropping accross multiple

Not sure exactly why it isnt built into GWT, but its certainly no pain
to use.
Just be very sure to track your drophandlers and be sure to unattach
them correctly when they arnt attached to the page anymore.

On Oct 30, 8:02 pm, Ed <> wrote:
> See the probject gwt-dnd:
> The owner is a member of the gwt dev team.
> - Ed
> On Oct 29, 10:13 pm, Celinio <> wrote:
> > Hi GWT developers,
> > what can GWT offer regarding the drag and drop capabilities ?
> > 1) Can i easily do some drag and drop, in the same web page, from one widget
> > to another ?
> > 2) Can i easily do drag and drop some file from the file explorer to a
> > widget in a web page ?
> > I'm thinking of providing the drag and drop feature to the user, if he needs
> > to attach a document to form (instead of using the Import/Upload button).
> > Thanks for helping.

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