Monday, October 31, 2011

Re: future of gwt & who use gwt

For the original posters question of GWT applications out there, I can
offer two of my own modest pieces of work
(A website for reviewing stuff, the whole interface is GWT with a
MySQL/PHP backend)
(A online dutch adventure game I was commisioned to make the code for,
when the login comes up you can go "Log in als gastspeler!" to play as
guest and test out the interface.)

Both of these still have bugs to iron out, but without GWT it would
probably have been utterly impossible for a single person to have made
these, and be cross browser compatible.

-Thomas Wrobel

On Oct 31, 4:16 pm, Brandon Donnelson <> wrote:
> I initial had this thought when it came out but then found the future is
> bright for GWT. I'm seeing extensive development planned and in progress
> for GWT after reading posts from the engineers. Even if and when it
> development does trend to dart, its really similar migration and I believe
> GWT just might translate to DART.
> My two cents :)
> Brandon Donnelson

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