Friday, October 28, 2011

CellTable column and cell style

Hi there,

I'm using a cellTable to display items from a character. The table
header consists of various columns such as "Image", "Name", "Amount",
"Type" and "Character".
Then I made a custom widget that acts like a dropdown listbox - using
a toggle button and a celltable. It contains all the rows that can be
hidden by checking/unchecking the checkboxes.

See here for a screenshot:

While I managed to hide the rows upon checking/unchecking that
checkbox in the dropdown menu, I can't seem to make the column headers
I hide a cell in a row by getting the column index and writing
something like this:

cellTable.getRowElement(i).getCells().getItem(cellTable.getColumnIndex((Column<ItemDTO, ?
>) event.getColumn())).addClassName("hiddenCell");

.hiddenCell is defined in my css file and just contains "display:
It works well on the cells, but how do I approach the column header
cells? I'd like to be able to hide them too.

I've read something about overwriting the render-method or the
getCellStylesName() method of the column, but the latter doesn't work
for me (the method get's called when the rows appear - not on checking/
unchecking and I don't know what event to fire) and I don't know much
about the former.

Please help me find a way to assign a style to the header cell - or
maybe a whole new (better?) way of hiding a whole column? (I'd like
for the column to stay in tact so if I retry my data it gets pushed
into the hidden columns as well - I just want to be able to display
some of the columns and hide other columns)

Thank you in advance!

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