Monday, October 31, 2011

Swapping an image at runtime....possible without setUrl?

I have some animated sprites (which extend image) where the images are
loaded at runtime (so no ImageBundles), and I wondered whats the best
way to animate the images.

Precacheing the images and using "setUrl" does work. But I cant help
feeling it would be better to store the images in an array and somehow
"applyTo" or update one image to become another.

Anyone have a good method to do this?

I thought of using a simplePanel containing a image which could then
be swapped for another....but that adds unnesscery html and I can no
longer treat my animatedSprites just as images.

Is there anyway to just swap a images data for another? much like you
can with AbstractImagePrototypes....only with Image data loaded (once)
from a url at startup?

Hope I am clear enough.

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