Saturday, October 29, 2011

Re: Integration of spring with GWT

Or, you can check out GWT-Tools project which gives you integration
with Spring. Also, very very easy AND it comes with sample
applications that take you step by step. Just check out the code from


On Oct 29, 9:41 am, Ezequiel Palumbo <> wrote:
> Hello Vijaya,
> I can also suggest This
> is a very very simple approach for GWT RPC and Spring integration where you
> only need to put the jar in your classpath (use maven if you can), add a
> line registering the especial Spring MVC Handler Adapter, and then map the
> handlers as you want. It's totally transparent for client code and server
> services. I've been using it in many applications, and it always gave me
> good results.
> Hope you find it useful!
> Ezequiel.-

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