Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Where to call an Action when user remove an uploaded image in GWTUpload?

I am using GWTUpload , the library is in here https://code.google.com/p/gwtupload/

The Example code at client side found on that website has this structure:

 // Attach an image to the pictures viewer  private OnLoadPreloadedImageHandler showImage = new OnLoadPreloadedImageHandler() {      public void onLoad(PreloadedImage image) {        //showImageFlowPanel code solution 1        image.setWidth("75px");        showImageFlowPanel.add(image);      }  };      private IUploader.OnFinishUploaderHandler onFinishUploaderHandler = new IUploader.OnFinishUploaderHandler() {        public void onFinish(IUploader uploader) {          if (uploader.getStatus() == Status.SUCCESS) {              new PreloadedImage(uploader.fileUrl(), showImage);              UploadedInfo info = uploader.getServerInfo();              String headShotImageUrl="http://"+Window.Location.getHost()+"/" +"images/uploaded/"+info.message;            //headShotImage code solution 2            if(!"".equals(headShotImageUrl) && UriUtils.isSafeUri(headShotImageUrl)){                headShotImage.setUrl(UriUtils.fromString(headShotImageUrl));            }                }        }      };  

The example uses showImageFlowPanel (solution 1) to store the image but I want to store the image inside headShotImage which take the url after user uploaded image successfully, see the headShotImage (solution 2) code above.

Ok, the headShotImage code work fine but I dont know how to remove it when users remove the image. If I use showImageFlowPanel as in the solution 1 then the program remove the image automatically for me and I do not need to do anything.

So my question is "Where to call an Action when user remove an uploaded image in GWTUpload?"


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