Wednesday, September 24, 2014

GWT Generators - Generate Editors According To DataModel

Hi All, 

I'm new to GWT and First Post on this Forum, Please apologize for any mismatches,  if found. 

REQUIREMENT :: I have Widgets types, Widget Name, stored in DB- Table. Need to access DB, fetch Widget Type and Widget Name and create a Editor using Generators. I need to hundreds of Editors driven from DB.

Partial Result Obtained::   Until now i have been able to make a DB connection, access Widget Name and Widget Type USING GENERATORS,  

Query :: BEFORE I GO AHEAD AND CREATE EDITORS USING GENERATORS, NEED SUGGESTION's. What is the best way to implement Editors driven from DB using Generators.

Please let me know if better explanation is needed,  Thanks in Advance.  

- Sathya

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