Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SuperDevMode with -noserver and remote server

I have an app that that has a server with a complex setup and is memory-intensive so we run it on a remote host. Good ol' DevMode runs fine if we run it with -noserver and point to remote host. I just upgraded to latest GWT as it was using an old version, and we want to start using SuperDevMode (SDM). I can run SDM fine if I run the embedded server that comes with GWT and can work on client side code this way, but if I try to run SDM pointing to the remote host (and -noserver), when I click the bookmark "Dev Mode On", I get the popup which shows my module name (although in grayed-out color) but no Compile button appears, so I can't compile/refresh the app. What am I missing to make SDM work on this setup?

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