Monday, September 29, 2014

Ignore place change on bookmark click

I am using Activities and Places to manage navigation. I load an HTML widget with some content which includes anchor tags which link to bookmarks within the HTML widget itself. The anchor tags should simply navigate to specific bookmarks within the HTML content of the HTML widget. However, when I click on any of the bookmarks, it fires a history change event, which in turn causes my PlaceHistoryHandler to lookup the place associated with this token. The token is not associated with a specific place, causing PlaceHistoryHandler.handleHistoryToken to return the default place, which in turn causes my activity mapper to activate my default place (not the desired effect). All I want this anchor tag to do is to navigate to the bookmark which is specified. In other words, for these anchor tags, I would like to skip Place mapping all together.

So the question... Is there a handler or something I can add to pre-process all of my history events, and in turn ignore certain history events?

<div class="myView">
  <div class="gwt-HTML">
    <a href="ignoreThisBookmark">Go to bookmark</a>
    <div>A bunch of content here</div>
    <span id="ignoreThisBookmark">I want to go to this content without causing a Activity/Place navigation event</span>

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