Saturday, September 27, 2014

Confusing about Single Quote of MyMessages and MyConstants properties file Do and DONT need escape in different GWT versions

Ok, let say, I got MyMesssages.peroperties file that has:

myText=I don''t  

Ok, I used to run my app under GWT 2.5 and it required me to escape the Single Quote, ie i have to type 2 Single Quote otherwise I will have a RunTime error.

Now I using GWT2.6 & I don't need to escape just 1 Single Quote is ok. If I use '' in GWT2.6 it will show 2 single quotes ''.

I don't get it. Did Google change the escape rule for "Single Quote"? What if i try to run my GWT2.5 app under GWT 2.6, then will it change all Single Quote to 2 Single Quotes ?

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