Thursday, September 25, 2014

CellList exceeds height when populated with rows

Another, possibly newbie, question...

I created a CellList and set the visible range and width/height:
        cellList.setVisibleRange(0, 20);
        cellList.setPixelSize(200, 400);
I add a SimplePager on this widget later in the code.

Finally, I add this CellList to a VerticalPanel:
        VerticalPanel vPanel = new VerticalPanel();

This looks fine, until the data displayed in the rows (which is a TextCell supported by a ListDataProvider) is < 20 rows, but the text (when wrapped or not) exceeds the height of the cellList (and VerticalPanel).  Then the rows (text cells) keep going down the form, even displaying "behind" other widgets like Buttons.

I'm really looking for a list-widget where I can set the max number per page and it should add scrollbars if it needs them, and use the pager on top of that.  But no matter what, I don't understand how a list widget of any kind would basically exceed the size of its container (the VerticalPanel), or be substantially easier to "size" during design-time.

Can anyone help point out what I should be doing here?  I'd be happy to provide further details if they would help.

Thanks in advance,

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