Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Re: GWT 2.7 compile time performance for product release builds

Here are some responses from another gwt community thread on the subject of sub 1s refresh times, for for GWT 2.7 and the mgwt kitchen sink example.

"The initial compile is like -draftCompile and if things haven't changed in the mean time you have to pay this time again if you restart the SDM code server (for now). So if you start SDM in a different process (e.g. using Gradle / Maven outside the IDE) you should be fine restarting the IDE."

" The incremental compile process is facilitated by a "MinimalRebuildCache" object that SuperDevMode persists from one compile to the next. At some point we will also persist this cache object to disk and reuse on next process launch, that way even a brand new launch will get some significant performance gains. But there's no timeline on that change. We're still in the process of heavy beta testing for the purpose of flushing out all the bugs from the current implementation."

"production compiles will be about the same as 2.6. This change is an improvement in SuperDevMode compiles and somewhat relies on disabling of optimization and codesplitting, which is not an option for production compiles. So it's an improvement in developer productivity but not an improvement in production compile time."

On Tuesday, September 30, 2014 4:29:34 PM UTC+1, Thanos wrote:
We are seeing a lot about how GWT 2.7 refresh times within Eclipse has improved. Such as this video showing sub 1s refresh times.

I'm interested to know if there have been any improvements on compilation for product release builds from the command line.

Also are there any improvements within the IDE for the initial first compile, including after IDE restarts.


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