Thursday, September 25, 2014

Re: Is there a tutorial that explains Places and Hyperlinks?

I wrote some articles on the subject :

I also tried to implement Thomas Broyer's idea to solve the nesting activities problem: so I created a Github project, have a look and do not hesitate to comment :

Hope it can help

On Friday, September 19, 2014 7:35:07 PM UTC+2, wrote:
I'm writing a GWT app and trying to make Hyperlink widgets work.  I've read and some of the API docs, but it doesn't seem coherent.

For instance, that web page says I can use an "@Prefix" annotation on a PlaceTokenizer to change the first part of the URL associated with a Place, but it doesn't show an example or tell me why I would want to do that.

Also, all of the examples I can find of the Hyperlink widget show the target history token as a single word, with no colon.  When I look in Google's AbstractPlaceHistoryMapper.getPlace(), however, it expects a colon.  If the token has no colon then the tokenizer can't be found.

Am I missing some documentation?  Is there a good intro to this subject out there?

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