Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to setup a GWT project in Plesk on a virtual machine?


I am a software developer in education and we learned JAVA in school. Now we have project weeks and every group should realize an application. We decided to program a card game with GWT. One of our team member is a bit familiar with GWT and we others used the google GWT introduction pages to learn. So far so good we created an application running fine in local debugging mode :) Now the problem: One of us has a virtual machine with root access running at the webhosting company STRATO. We decided to launch our project on this. The page was setup with Parallels Plesk 12. The clientside part works fine but the RPC calls are throwing 404 errors. By searching on google I found several differnt hints and facts.

1) We have to add information in web.xml
2) There is no possibility to run GWT on a VM
3) Apache is the problem
4) You have to install and config Tomcat manually
5) Use BaseURL information in the clientside code
and many more

Now I am very confused how to solve the problem. Can anybody please help me to understand whats the problem or sharing a good link how to solve?

I am very thankful for any response and help :)

Best regards


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