Friday, September 26, 2014

Code Splitting Advice

Hi there,

I have been given a task by my employer of splitting our (large) application up into separate chunks of code, so that instead of a user downloading all the code on first access, they only get the reporting app, for example. The source is currently organised into the various apps, for example:***

There are various *.gwt.xml files that are chained as such:

App.gwt.xml -> AppBase.gwt.xml -> App[Dev|Production].get.xml -> [DevApp|ProdApp].gwt.xml

The build is handled via an Ant script that is driven by properties defined in Eclipse/Hudson.

Each part of the application (e.g. report) is currently accessed using specific JSP pages which set a parameter and then forward onto the main controller.jsp which configures what part of the app to load.

I have a pretty good grounding in GWT and how to use it, but I have never attempted to do something like this and what I have read on the web has only further confused me! If anyone could give me some pointers on how to achieve what I have been tasked with, I would be eternally grateful!

Thanks in advance


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