Saturday, October 30, 2010

Role based Security in GWT: how to implement ?

Hello everyone,

I have some questions regarding implementing security in GWT.

It's a typical use case:
let's say in your app, users can have different roles,
and you want to show only the relevant part of the UI, based on their

and I am talking about more than 3 roles.
eg:(Customer, BranchManager, Teller, CEO, System Admin)
(after all GWT is for larger apps, right ? )

on the back-end, i am planning to use Spring, and i'm going to use
Spring Security,
for authentication, fine-grained authorization, (method level, ACL),
it is a very mature framework and annotation based.

however, when it comes to the front-end UI, I don't know what is the
recommended practice to incorporate role-based security in MVP. (i
don't want the security checks get scattered across all methods on the
client, bloated code, if statements everywhere, security is a cross-
cutting concern, right? should i put it in the Activity/Presenter ?)

I see GWT 2.1 release addresses security concerns, for cross-site
scripting, and introducing SafeHtml.
but nothing related to authorization.

I would appreciate your insights and any feedback from google team,
perhaps a tutorial addressing this aspect of application security is
really needed !

is it possible for GWT team to introduce annotation-based support for
addressing security ?
does it make sense at all, or i'm missing something.

what have been your experiences in implementing security in GWT ?

Thank You

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