Friday, October 29, 2010

Re: DI, JUnit and GWT.create(bundle.class)

Dependency injection would work very well here. The article on MVP
with Activities and Places has a really good example of using
GWT.create() only in onModuleLoad() and then using manual dependency
injection to pass in your dependencies without GIN.

Here's the article:

Hope it helps!

On Oct 28, 8:48 am, Happy Feet <>
> Hi All,
> This is my first post here so please be gentle.
> I've joined a project where message bundles/property files are exposed
> to client code using GWT.create(PropertyFileName.class). This makes it
> very easy to assign read in values for fields, popups, labels, errors
> etc.
> Now the BUT, we want to increase the coverage of our Junit tests but
> are hitting the classic "GWT.create() is only useable in client code"
> when trying to unit test some of our classes. It appears that in some
> lower level classes the property file references have been declared
> using GWT.create rather than been passed into the widget, event
> handler etc from the presenter.
> Can anyone recommend any solutions. I thought Dependency Injection
> might be useful here but I'm new to that as a technolgoy and have no
> previous experience with Gin or Guice.
> Will dependancy injection help here? Does anyone have an example?
> Would an alternative be a better fit?
> Hope that all makes sense, thanks in advance.

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