Friday, October 29, 2010

Re: Animate an images rotation


stymie <> writes:

> I was wondering if there were any built in ways or libraries that
> would allow me to continously rotate an image in a 360 degrees
> circle.Been using google but have not come up with anything as of yet.

You could extend GWT's Animation class to loop through 360 images to
give you that rotation. Check out the following links:

You can also get a feel for what this technique could look like by
checking out the 360 demo at

There is of course another way where you can use an animated gif to
animate over all of the different angles of whatever you have.

All of that being said, please reconsider a continuously rotating
image. It can be very distracting as a user to see something constantly
animating as well as I don't know how performant this will be on the
page. What I do like about 360 degree demos is when I actively interact
with it, clicking and dragging to see all the different angles. I think
we can say that there is a reason the 360 degree spinning logo images
from the 1990s are gone today :)

- Adam

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