Friday, October 29, 2010

Re: Code for sample Contacts application out of date


On Oct 29, 1:46 pm, cri <> wrote:
> Since this is a significant piece of new functionality, i.e. MVP, is
> there any chance that this application will be updated soon,
> especially the downloadable project?

I agree - I've been reading the page which describes the HelloWorld
application, using Activities and Places:

This makes sense by itself, but I'm confused about some parts. For
example, how do I generate and listen for events on the event bus
using the new framework. Presumably it's not the same as the Contacts
application since "HandlerManager" is deprecated. If the Contacts
application could be updated to use activities and places, it would
help answer a lot of my questions. I'm really interested about
learning the new framework and all it's new features. Keep up the good


Dan Scott

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