Friday, October 29, 2010

GWT 2.1 Migration Experiment


Downloaded GWT 2.1 distribution and recompiled one of our mid-sized
(~1500 classes) Web apps, which is developed against 2.0 version.
Compilation time has not changed. I managed to get the same timing
However I see a significant increase in resulting obfuscated
JavaScript size.
The total size of JavaScript output increased by +30%-35% percent
depending on the browser. Without digging in details I could only
describe that with additions to existing 2.0 API, which references
more classes and interfaces and compiles them inside your app. Is this
side effect known by the GWT Dev Team or described somewhere? I know
about Code Splitting, but we have not migrated to that in this
particular project.

For further details I need to go inside SOYC reports. In the meanwhile
it would be interesting to know other project's experience in
migration and difference in JS size and compile time.

The good news are that backward compatibility is there. I have been
able to compile and run the project with no problems at all.


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