Sunday, October 31, 2010

Re: GWT2.1 : sample Data bound views

I see, javax.validation would be sweet. So what is the best approach
to plugin the validation into the existing framework?
I saw that there is a 'hasErrors()' and 'getErrors' method in the
driver but how do I create/record an error, how can I trigger the
'editorDelegate.recordError' being called? In the above mentioned
example I can see that there is a 'ZipPlusFourBox extends ValueBox'
which creates a parser, do I have to create a widget subclass for
every single field that needs validation (would be a bit cumbersome,
also in ValueBoxEditor there is a ' TODO i18n' which to me seems not
very production ready)? Any best practices on this would be great.


On Oct 31, 10:33 am, Thomas Broyer <> wrote:
> On 31 oct, 01:20, googelybear <> wrote:
> > I am also trying out the new editor framework. Did anyone already find
> > out how to define constraints on fields? E.g. I have a TextBox and the
> > user needs to type at least n characters in it otherwise an error
> > should be displayed.
> Editors are orthogonal to this use case. It's up to your widget or
> "domain model" to do the validation; Editor only makes it easy to
> display errors.
> There's work being done on integration with javax.validation (JSR303),
> being able to have validators run on the client-side as well as the
> server-side; but AFAICT it's not yet ready.

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