Saturday, October 30, 2010

Re: GWT as a Desktop App (no browser !)

Without a browser is a bit nebulous ... but I'll tell you what I'm
doing and you can judge for yourself whether it meets your

If you create the proper manifest, a web-application can be stored on
the user's hard-drive and run while off-line. I use Mozilla's Prism
as the "non-browser" ... it looks just like the application in a web
browser but has no navigation controls. Once you've got an off-line
application running, you'll also need to store the data locally. This
is only a little bit harder thanks to HTML5. Use the localstorage
calls in the Javascript engine to allow storage to the local hard-
drive. Note that this storage is a map controlled by the browser, so
you can do rudimentary indexing if you're smart about picking your
keys, but you do NOT have complete access to the local hard drive and
the total amount of storage allocated is limited by Prism (but can be
expanded by the user).

Here's a link to get you started with both off-line application
caching and localstorage:

Hope this helps!


On Oct 24, 12:50 pm, Be-noix <> wrote:
> QT is pretty easy to use and has WebKit in it, with the full support
> of javascript.
> You can compile your app for Win, Linux, OSX, ...
> Ben
> On 23 oct, 10:10, Stefan Bachert <> wrote:
> > Hi matt,
> > this requirement are somewhat strange. Anyway,
> > I would rather for a possibility to modify an open source browser in
> > such a way,
> > that he is only allowed to open one URL (an this automatically).
> > Maybe remove URL entry and set the initial url to your site.
> > This is in the end no GWT question
> > Stefan Bachert
> > On 22 Okt., 22:52, mattlf <> wrote:
> > > Hi
> > > I need to create a Desktop App. It can not be a browser App as this
> > > App should be the only App available.
> > > Is it possible for a  GWT App to run outside the browser (on a
> > > different runtime) as a standalone Desktop App (packaed with a
> > > runtime?)
> > > I came accross GWT running on top of AIR but it seems esoteric
> > > Thank you for your help
> > > matt

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