Friday, October 29, 2010

Re: Route animation in google maps with GWT

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your answer. I tried some things with the array and timer
and that staff. I tried with wait(), sleep() and also with a timer
object. But everytime, there comes an error, that these things are not
supported by gwt..

The easiest way would be to have the normal callback, which gets the
latlng array. Then in the "onSuccess()" Method changing the marker
positions with a for loop and a delay. I tried that, but i couldn't
find a possibility to make this delay

Is it possible to do that like that, or do i have to make already the
callback with the delay? Does that mean, that i have to make two
callbacks, one which gets the array and the secon in a for loop?

Thanks and best regards from switzerland.


On 11 Okt., 18:04, Brian <> wrote:
> GWT is Javascript, at least what the user sees on the website.
> One idea, is to get all the data from your server for a ship's route
> as an array of lat/lng objects, then set up a Timer() object that
> calls your callback  every 30ms or so, and you just set the map marker
> position to the next entry in the lat/lng pair.  For faster animation,
> jump further in your array, or decrease the 30ms to 15ms, etc.
> On Oct 9, 8:53 am, Jan <> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > For an actual project, we need to evaluate movements of motor-ships.
> > The position datas are sent from a gps router on the ships and are
> > saved in a database on our server. One of our goals is to show the
> > driven way of one or more ships between a specified time as an
> > animation. Our Application is written in Java with GWT. What we have
> > already is, that the driven way get's drafted like a normal route in
> > google maps. What we want is, to show for example all ship movements
> > for one day in fast motion.
> > My actual problem is, how to animate the driven way. Is it possible to
> > do the animation in GWT, or do we need to use javascript?
> > I hope, someone can give me some ideas.
> > Thanks a lot.
> > Jan

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