Sunday, October 31, 2010

Re: Announcing GWT 2.1

> As DI requires additional cpu cycles to do its magic

I'd be interested to hear if you have any profiling results specifically
showing DI is responsible for the bad startup perf.

My assertion is that if you startup Hibernate + Wicket + whatever
without DI, just configuring them by hand, it will take 90%+ of the time
it took with DI. E.g. DI should be negligible.

I could very well be wrong, but I do agree with Thomas that, in theory,
DI should be cheap. "Some cycles", yes. But there is no I/O, not a huge
computational task to be done--it should be fast.

Hibernate itself is notoriously slow to startup, so, yeah, any stack
change you make that involves changing Hibernate to Objectify will get a
great startup boost, regardless of whether DI is involved.

That being said, I'm not a Spring (nor Guice) fan, so would actually
enjoy seeing numbers that show, say, your stack w/Spring takes x% more
time than the same stack w/o Spring.

( sucks this conversation is happening on the "Announcing GWT 2.1"
thread. Whoever started this tangent, new thread next time.)

- Stephen

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