Saturday, October 30, 2010

Re: Nested Views in MVP

Hello David,

I am very excited about the GWT 2.1 release, and planning to use it
for a new upcoming project.
I have been following and studying the MVP for quite a while now and
experimenting with milestone releases.

Just wanted to share some of my thoughts:

I personally find the name "Activity" a bit confusing.
I've heard it is more popular in Android community.
to me, it is MVP, P referring to Presenter (not Activity!)
looking at the comments in source code, and tutorials, one can see
Presenter and Activity are used interchangeably.
eg: "An activity in GWT 2.1 is analogous to a presenter in MVP
terminology." from MVP tutorial.

now for the first time in your comment i read:

> 2) There is not necessarily a 1:1 correspondence between Activities
> and presenters. Your Activity might instantiate multiple presenters
> and corresponding views.

I did not know that, as it was not explicitly stated anywhere.
so some clarification on that would really help.
btw where does the name "Activity" come from ?

about nested views,
I was hoping that the new MVP framework address this,
as I was planning to use that extensively.
your solutions are interesting, I will try to implement them.
any basic tutorial on composite views would be great.

thank you for GWT 2.1 !

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