Sunday, October 31, 2010

Re: Announcing GWT 2.1

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the links.

Moving off JDO and Spring MVC (the web framework, not DI) seemed to be
the biggest startup time wins, which is in line with my assertion that
DI itself is not typically the bottleneck.

That being said, the streamhead link:


Was the most interesting because he truly did DI/no-DI comparison
(trusting his approach anyway), and saw base DI adding 1s overhead.

That is more than I would have guessed, but given it's Spring, I guess
I can believe it.

I do enjoy seeing startup time highlighted--way too many pointy haired
managers (or architects) don't think 10s+, 30s+, 60s+ app startups times
affect their developers' productivity. It's terribly frustrating.

Thanks again,

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