Sunday, October 31, 2010

Re: Announcing GWT 2.1

On 30 oct, 23:15, Jeff Schwartz <> wrote:
> Excellent! Thank you for the information. I still however have to wait until
> support for DAOs & embeded objects is implemented in the MVP framework (I am
> using Objectify for my ORM as well ass a DAO) before I can cut over.
> I am also concerned about the apparent reliance on Roo to generate the
> boilerplate code. It appears that Google is very much behind this combo.

We've been prototyping with RequestFactory for months and haven't ever
used Roo (our backend is Morphia+MongoDB, not too far from Objectify)

> It
> isn't that I have anything against Roo, DI or generated code for that matter
> but I would have preferred a leaner solution.

AFAIK, Roo is only a dev tool to generate and maintain boilerplate
code. There's nothing related to Roo in the generated code (have a
look at the Expenses sample, the domain objects and all Scaffold*
classes are those generated by Roo).

RequestFactory goes against DRY as you have interfaces extending
EntityProxy on the client-side, and "whatever" on the server-side; but
it's lighter weight than e.g. GWT-RPC at runtime: lighter payload
going on the wire (in most cases, and particularly on "upload"), and
much much lighter and faster on the client-side as parsing the payload
is just a matter of JSON.parse()

> Applications targeting App
> Engine already experience enough latency on start-up and I am afraid that DI
> will just make matters worse;


Could you explain to me how DI slows things down? It's merely about
moving the place where you "new" objects, I don't see where there'd be
overhead re. start-up time.
Noteworthy: Roo generates GWT apps that use GIN for DI on the client
side, but there's no DI at all on the server-side. And DI is
absolutely not a requirement; only a best practice (that I'd encourage
*anyone* to follow)

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