Friday, October 29, 2010

Cannot get satisfactory IE6 PNG support for sprites

I cannot get PNGs to work in IE6. I've tried every hackaround out
there from DD_belatedPNG to and beyond without joy. DD
was the closest to working but it was not properly positioning all the
elements it was fixing and I cannot find a workaround. For some
reason, certain elements were positioned 0,0 in the top left, while
others worked fine (?). Oh well, I'm beyond that and just want to
beat IE6 into submission any way I can.

So, my current train of thought is to do the following somehow, and
I'm wondering if it's possible or someone has any other suggestions.

1. Disable sprites for IE6 and use individual images
2. During the build process, generate a special PNG8 for IE6
3. Every other browser still gets full fancy shtuff

I understand that IE6/7 are the same thing as far as GWT is concerned,
so if a solution targets both IE6/7 I'd still be interested in hearing

I'm just tired of thinking about this issue and want to make it go
away. I don't care how, just as long as it works, doesn't take up any
more of my time, and affects other browsers as little as possible.

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