Friday, July 30, 2010

Suggestion for real time logging widget

I'm writing a UI application that will include a widget that will
provide a real-time view of a log. The widget will make requests back
to a server app for log messages and then display them to the user.

I've played with a couple of different widgets but can't quit find the
one that will do what I want. I need something that will allow me to
add text lines to and have it scroll nicely so the user can see
messages. I also need to be able to delete lines from it as the
number hits a max.

In addition to this, would like some lines to be hyperlinked so that
the user can click on it and see more information about the specific
logging message.

Any recommendations on what widget(s) would be best to use? I'm
planning to use UiBinder to build the app.


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