Friday, July 30, 2010

One v.s N EventBus

Looking at finishing up an idea, and I have come across a thought in
MVP: Global v.s a multiple/hierarchy of view/presenter EventBus's, and
wondered if anyone
had explored this avenue. The basics are there is the global EventBus,
as is typical now, and a local EventBus for actions in the current
View/Presenter, there
may be even more levels, say per sub-panel/component, and the choice
to propagate the events between levels. My current... idiom for using
this is the dispatch
of... "DataModelChange" events, when I don't really know exactly WHO
in the current hierarchy is "listening" ( the UI is composed
dynamically, so I don't have total
foreknowledge of the components interests ). Using GIN/Guice for
injection, obviously, I have to subclass the view/presenter EventBus
to keep it distinct from
the global EventBus type. So, just wondering if anyone has jumped into
this, and what ideas/patterns have fallen out of it for you.

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