Friday, July 30, 2010

Re: Creating Eye-candy UI

attractive UI design is more of an art than a science, but factoring
in usability is
just as important. I wish most "designers" would read this book:

something pretty is not ALWAYS easy to use. I worked with usability
experts in the human interaction labs at Citi
for quite a while. It's not an easy task to get both right. Often, eye
candy, and colors are a DISTRACTION to the
most efficient way of getting a task done. I work in major financials
in UI design, the most important thing to our
customers in presenting the DATA they need to see clearly and easily.

in 1998 I created these icons, and offered them to Sun for inclusion
in Java as a standard set

Sun didn't use them, but they were used in Hundreds of other apps, you
have probably seen them all over.
Sun's issue was that the colors were too "saturated", thus
distracting. Someone else picked up where I left
off and created in Incors Icon set

Color plays a more important role than you can imagine. First, 8% of
the population is estimated to be Red/Green color blind!!!
Our eyes are less sensitive to differences in shades of Blue, so this
should also be avoided. Page layout with graphical
distractions causes "use fatigue". Positioning of content is important
in workflow, so that the page doesn't cause you to "zig-zag"
eye or mouse movements. We measured these things, along with mouse
flow, color palettes, font choices - in labs with real
people, cameras capturing their every action, to be analyzed by
professionals to improve our products.

Beautiful AND efficient UI's are a wonder to behold tho. When both
parts come together, it becomes more than
software, it taps into our mind like music, and we don't need to even
think of how to use it anymore. i.e. the
Apple iPad is a great example.

On Jul 30, 5:17 pm, Jeff Chimene <> wrote:
> On 07/30/2010 11:39 AM, Andr Moraes wrote:
> > Hi,
> > My girlfriend works with Q&A for a software company and in the spare
> > time she like to draw, she would like to contribute to some project
> > that is looking for eye-candy user interface, does anyone knows some
> > project?
> > How she could contribute?
> > Some of her drawings can be see at:
> Hi:
> Particularly nice attention to detail, esp. the hair and feathers.
> I think that GWT is not a particularly good fit. I'd recommend game
> studios or avatar designers in virtual worlds. Is she interested in
> graphic design? In that case also icon and web site design. If those are
> the ideas that she's interested in, I'd update the website portfolio to
> include some graphic design elements (maybe Firefox avatars/themes, or
> KDE/Windows themes, or a mock website design)

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