Saturday, July 31, 2010

Re: Good File Upload Example

For some reason, my previous mail doesn't show, so I'll try this
again. To upload, use the blobstore.
use all the example code except index.jsp from this page:
replace index.jsp with a gwt file similar to the example in this page:

Change this line in from
BlobKey blobKey = blobs.get("myFile");
BlobKey blobKey = blobs.get("textBoxFormElement");

Delete parts of FileUpload that involve the listbox.

Also, use an RPC call to get the form action url. The server side code
for the RPC call should look like this:
return blobstoreService.createUploadUrl("/upload");

Hope this helps :)

On Jul 30, 5:48 pm, alan <> wrote:
> I need to read a csv file from the hard drive to populate a table in a
> dialog box.
> This seems to require using the FileUpload class, but I've not found a
> good example of it is use. Could anyone recommend a complete example
> that could accomplish this.
> Thanks,

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