Saturday, July 31, 2010

Re: GWT Rocks!


I just opened a new thread where I ask about experiences with the
development time needed for GWT apps compared to traditional JSP web
apps. Our experience so far, after 5 weeks, is that it is taking us
much more time developing with GWT than developing a webapp with JSP.
It might just be our lack of experience and the fact that GWT, the MVP
pattern and UIBinder combined present quite a learning curve.

We are building a large application that suggests training options and
growth paths to employees based on work experience, education, courses
done in the past, reviews, etc. It's quite a complex application and
we're only just laying out the foundations, that is data retrieval,
storage, user, roles, rights, etc. We haven't even started on the real
core of the application.

On Jul 29, 4:56 am, sakesun roykiatisak <> wrote:
> Besides praising, could anybody please give some short story of your
> experience with GWT ?
> What kind of project are you working on ? How large is the project & team?
> What is the typical work process ? What tool do you find essential in
> working with GWT ?
> Does GWT compile speed cause you any inconvenience ?
> I'm merely a antique desktop application developer who looking for a sane
> method to develop
> boring, enterprise-like, web-based, database application. I've tried a lot
> of stuffs, but none seem
> to convince me that my quality of life will be better than using my age old
> tools.
> Thanks

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