Saturday, July 31, 2010

Show loading message only for javascript enabled users

I have seen a lot of discussions around showing loading messages. All
of them suggested either setting the button as visible in css and then
setting it invisible in onModuleLoad(), either setting it invisible in
css and then setting it visible as long as you run your tasks.

The first method (setting visible in css) would not be ok for
javascript-disabled users, so only the second method is feasible.

Is it better if I load a small javascript that sets the loading
message visible, and only after that load the GWT script, and set the
message invisible at the end? My thought is that it takes some time
until the onModuleLoad instructions are loaded. I have never used a
GWT app in production, so I am thinking that there can be a noticeable
delay between the moment the page is loaded and the moment the GWT
script is loaded.

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