Friday, July 30, 2010

Re: Integration of Gwt + Java Beans

I regularly use this approach, the only thing that you have not
specified is you communication protocol. Also, do you plan on
deploying as an EAR with an EJB and WEB module, or do you plan on
taking advantage of EJB3's ability to have EJBs within a web module?
I use the EAR approach.

On Jul 30, 3:40 am, Savdeep singh <> wrote:
> Hi everyOne,
> I want to ask if there is any problem in integration of Gwt(as Front
> End) + Java Beans (as Back End)...?
> Secondly is there any better or best approach for web application
> rather than these 2 combinations?
> Thirdly any other irrespective of the these 2 Q's the suggestions are
> welcomed :)

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