Saturday, July 31, 2010

[ERROR] Unable to find type

GWT 2.0.3
Eclipse Galileo
Mac OS X 10.5.8
Java 5


At one point I created what I thought would be a test class. I don't
recall even ever doing anything with it. I only created it, and
deleted it because I couldn't work with it.

Anyway my GWT project remembers it, so somewhere I am referencing it

[ERROR] Unable to find type ''

But I am not creating it in my code, I do not reference it in my entry
html file... How do I tell my application that this file is not in
existence? I can neither run nor even compile the project in
eclipse. But I do not see build errors, so I know that my code is not
attempting to use it.

How do I resolve an "Unable to find" error when what is being sought
isn't intended to exist? So lost, please help.

Thanks in advance.

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