Thursday, July 29, 2010

Page Document Resize On Load


There's this resize of the content that happens on load of the page
where GWT is running. This page is launched from an app that does not
employ GWT and is using a style on its body element that zeroes out
the padding and margin style attributes. To note, the GWT application
does the same thing - zeroes out the padding and margin style
attributes upon entry to the EntryPoint component, e.g.


Where in, root-panel-specs is a style name that flattens (presumably)
the areas around the document page "box".

So visually this is the progression, JSP --> JSP with GWT.

The zeroeing out of the wrapping contents (padding/margin) actually
works but there seems to be a slight flicker of a second where in the
GWT document on load raises to a certain padding and/or margin value
(making the page content display to shrink). Once execution hits the
statement above, it expands to occupy the full client size area again.

Does anybody have any ideas on why this is happening? Would appreciate
very much any insights.


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