Saturday, July 31, 2010

Re: Can Gin inject eventBus into a widget that's created from uiBinder?

On 31 July, 00:26, David Grant <> wrote:
> Inject your eventBus in to the widget, it will work just fine, then "new"
> your widget or create it by using injection, or whatever.

As mentioned in topic title and in my message, the widget is being
*created by uiBinder*.

> You only need <ui:with> if you need to access some object in the ui.xml file
> that you want to be constructed somewhere else. Typically this is some
> object that get injected in to the ui.xml associated .java class or it is a
> Resources object (typically also injected).
> Example:
> public class MyWidget extends Composite {
>   private static MyWidgetUiBinder uiBinder =
> GWT.create(MyWidgetBinder.class);
>   interface MyWidgetUiBinder extends UiBinder<Widget, MyWidget> {
>   }
>   private final EventBus bus;
>   @UiField
>   private HTMLPanel outerPanel;
>   @Inject
>   public MyWidget(EventBus bus) {
>     this.bus = bus;
>     initWidget(uiBinder.createAndBindUi(this));
>   }
> }

I've now tried incorporating Gin and following your suggestions.
Introducing a no-argument constructor causes my application to fail to

01:00:41.503 [ERROR] [testapp] has
no default (zero args) constructor. To fix this, you can define a
@UiFactory method on the UiBinder's owner, or annotate a constructor
of Mailboxes with @UiConstructor.

Any ideas? Does your response address injecting resources into widgets
created by uiBinder?


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