Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where to “setPageSize()” in UiBinder for empty CellTable (GWT)?

I have a CellTable & a SimplePager. I want setPageSize(7) for that cellTable by default at the the time the Page got loaded.

In ui.xml file

<c:SimplePager ui:field="orderListSimplePager" pageSize="7"  />  <c:CellTable ui:field="orderListCellTable" />  


@Inject  public OrderManagementView(final Binder binder) {      widget = binder.createAndBindUi(this);  res.css().ensureInjected();      orderListSimplePager.setDisplay(orderListCellTable);  }  

After ran, nothing happened, the simple pager didn't take 7 as pageSize.

Now, i change the code a little bit by put pageSize="7" into <c:CellTable> in Ui.xml In ui.xml file

<c:SimplePager ui:field="orderListSimplePager"  />  <c:CellTable ui:field="orderListCellTable" pageSize="7" />  

Now the above code is working if the CellTable already has data right at the first time the page got initialized. However, if the celltable has no data at the beginning, then it will display a loading message (see image) after initialising the page, which is not good:

enter image description here

Note: I want to setPageSize at ui.xml so i can change it easily.

So, Where to "setPageSize()" in UiBinder for empty CellTable (GWT)?

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