Friday, February 28, 2014

Re: 2.6.0-rc3 and Jetty's WebAppContext (jetty-web.xml)

GWT 2.6.0 is out and officially released and the problem is still there. It used to work fine before with 2.5.

It is not a real issue as it was never really officially supported. If you want to configure your server you should use -noserver and a local jetty distribution on your host. Using -noserver you don't loose productivity.

Also I read that dev-mode plugin may not be supported in next firefox version.

DevMode does not work anymore in FireFox 27+. However it has been updated to work with FireFox 24 ESR.

This is all a real pity:
The whole thing about GWT is that you can do RIAs in pure Java with all the Java tooling and eco-system. I want to debug my Java client code in Eclipse.

There is some work going on to support debugging in your IDE when using SuperDevMode, although you probably will not have the full feature set you currently have in Java debugging.

Any chances for hope in the future?

Not for classic DevMode. But SuperDevMode can only get better (and it is already pretty good).

-- J. 

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