Thursday, February 27, 2014

Since User Info & Address were used at the time of Signing Up & Updating Profile, so How to design GWT Gui to reuse the components & action?

Ok, Here is the problem.

At the time user signup, user need to provide info such as:

-Email:______________   -UserName:____________  -FName:______________   -LName:_______________  -Address:____________ (User can have option to update Address lately)  ....    -Captcha:__________    [Sign Up]    [Reset]  

Now suppose that user already got an account & they want to modify their info, then the Gui Could be 40% similar to the the above one.

-FName:______________   -LName:_______________ [Update Name]    -Address:____________ [Update Address]  ....  

My question is how to design GWT Gui in such a way that we can reuse the Gui components and the Action in both situations?

Maybe put all GUI into 1 page & have 2 different params: 1 for handling Signing Up Ex: #profile;actionParam="signup", & the other for Updating Profile Ex:#profile;actionParam="modify".

We can also use PresenterWidget but I think PresenterWidget is for using the exact same code everywhere, but in my case the Gui need to be modified a bit.

In Java we can do like Parent and Child Inheritance, but I am not sure if we an do similar things like that in GWT?

Can u find a better solution?

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