Friday, February 28, 2014

Re: Changes in SuperDevMode not picked up - sometimes

It might be that resources:resources has to run in your case (e.g. if you configured src/main/java as a <resource>).
Changes to src/main/resources needs resources:resources. Eclipse runs it (or does something equivalent) automatically at each file change; I can't tell for Netbeans.
Also, make sure you run "mvn process-classes gwt:run-codeserver" with the current versions of the gwt-maven-plugin; next version will remove the need for process-classes.

On Thursday, February 27, 2014 1:02:16 PM UTC+1, Raphael Bauer wrote:

I am just upgrading my apps to 2.6 and SuperDevMode.
All in all I have not much trouble and everything works out of the box
(strange feeling though).

But finally I found a small glitch.

My setup: gwt-maven-plugin and mvn gwt:superdevmode to fire everything up (2.6)

My Ide is Netbeans and sometimes my changes do not get picked up in

The root cause seems to be that Netbean's integrated maven compilation
is out of sync and does not longer
perform recompiles of changed java files. I know that from other
projects, and a simple "clean and build" in my Ide fixes the problem.

But what really puzzles me: Does SuperDevMode need compiled class
files to pick up changes? In my imagination the whole java to js
compilation should run on java files and not on bytecode. So wouldn't
it be enough to detect changes in the src dir and not the target dir
of the application?



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